An Introduction to Marketing Management

Before you get to understand what marketing management is it is important to understand what marketing is first. In layman’s language marketing is the act of nurturing customer relations, preferably those that are profitable to the organization or firm. In the business world it is important for you to know the various terminologies used and how to apply them. Marketing management can be described as the thinking part of it. It seeks to describe the various aspects of the customer. Marketing is not just about advertising and making sells, kotler and keller marketing management 15th edition it is about getting the customer’s satisfaction.

It is very hard to run an organization without all the skills of marketing and management. That’s why most successful individuals go for an introduction to marketing management. It is a course that will provide you with all the statistical skills of organizing and solving organizations problems. Marketing management involves many channels and forms. There are various aspects that have to be looked at when managing the marketing strategies of a particular firm.

The first thing you need to consider is the potential of the company that is what the firm has to offer. This should not be viewed in terms of the products only but also the services it can provide. Where most business people get it all wrong is that they put all their efforts in the business and end up forgetting about the customers’ needs. This does not help in marketing the company’s products since it should be seen from a customer’s point, how the product is benefiting the customer. You need to understand all your customers’ needs and satisfactions. You expectations should be to meet the customers’ needs. Having full understanding of the customers’ needs and implementing strategies to meet their demands will build a good customer relationship.

During marketing your goal should not only to win more customers but also to maintain them. This is achieved after building a good customer relation. If you come up with good products and services then there is no doubt that you will be able to get more customers and also maintain old ones.

In marketing management you should have a defined marketing channel for example you can have cross channel marketing where two forms petescycle of marketing supporting each other. A good example is a website and a catalogue. You can also use multi channel marketing where different marketing channels support each other. For example prints and a radio station that both advertise your websites and your products.

If you are marketing your company through a website then there are certain things you need to understand about internet marketing. For internet marketing you should start by having a good domain name, the next thing is optimizing your websites through the search engines for you to create traffic to your website.


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