Tips For Selecting a Medical Imaging Solution

The growing field of medical document imaging has completely transformed the health field landscape. It has done this by capturing patient charts in an electronic form with the help of RIS PACS. No longer bound to paper charts, doctors and specialists can now access readily available electronic charts thanks to PACS technology in the form of the iMed Stor. Charts are now available instantly instead of waiting for the paper chart to make a proper diagnosis.

You may not realize this but the patient’s chart is one of the most important documents in healthcare. These charts communicate specific information your doctor requires to correctly assess your health situation. Would you want a cardiac surgeon working on your heart without the correct cardiology PACS to study? Imedical Healthcare Solutions

Whether a doctor’s office is upgrading the way their staff handles electronic files or deals with a film problem, the appropriate medical imaging solutions and RIS PACS offer a multitude of benefits for a small medical office to a large hospital.

A medical practice can employ a set number of employees to spend their entire day retrieving and filing documents. Think of not only all those wasted hours filing the old records in a warehouse or some storeroom but also in money to pay for that storage space and work to be done. It only makes sense for a medical office to invest in an RIS PACS system like a mammography workstation to save both time and money.

It is a smart decision for a medical office interested in purchasing PACS technology to look into other benefits beforehand. First off, it is sensible to obtain live demonstrations on the product itself. This demonstration on an iMed Stor, for example, should either be on line or face to face. A personal demonstration allows the vendor to show off all of the benefits and popular aspects as well as features of their document imaging solution. It also gives a platform for important questions and concerns on RIS PACS to be addressed.

1. User-friendly – The most significant area to consider is how easy the system is to use. A quality mammography workstation is one that can be easily configured and installed out-of-the-box. It should be able to run immediately with minimal training and customization.

2. Support – First hand support of a PACS station like a cardiology PACS should always be supplied by the systems vendor and not its manufacturer. Some retailers allocate a certain number of calls. Some charge monthly support fees that consist of limitless assistance calls. Most charge on a per call basis.


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