Portable Solar Panels – Creative Uses For Your Free Home Made Energy

Portable solar panels offer the added flexibility of taking your free sun power with you when on the go.  Large scale home-based systems are typically installed on rooftops.  However, if you’re looking for flexibility for use on smaller projects around your home or even away from your home, batterystoragehome this choice, by far,  is your best option.

Units and kits come in a wide variety of voltages and watts.   Portable panels are lightweight and flexible, and make harnessing the sun’s energy simple, and using it even easier,  wherever you are!  Various battery types are available to use with solar panels from RV/Marine batteries to Emergency Back-Up and Photovoltaic system batteries.  Portable solar panels can be made of flexible material or traditional materials that fold into a briefcase type enclosure for easy and safe portability.

Popular Uses For These Amazing Portable Energy Sources

Camping and Hiking

What a great way to power any of your battery powered equipment in the great outdoors, using natural, solar energy!  Your portable solar panels can be used to charge a variety of battery storage units. Never witness another low battery indicator light on your Cell Phone, IPod or Blackberry again!  Keep your portable camping equipment such as lanterns, fans and coolers available for constant use by keeping batteries charged with solar panels.  Portable solar panels make it easy and convenient to maintain the comforts of home while enjoying camping or hiking in the outdoors.  You can charge the battery using the solar panels during the day and then plug devices into an inverter or into a cigarette lighter adapter plugged into the inverter at night.

Gardening / Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Use a smaller solar panel to deliver natural electricity to your decorative landscape outdoor lighting.  A small solar panel can be easily disguised in your landscaping and can provide free electricity to your decorative landscape lighting without costing you hundreds of dollars a year to power your outdoor lighting!  From gardening lights to motion sensors, e commerce app the possibilities are limitless for using solar energy to power your lighting selections.


Step up your next big game tailgating effort with solar powered devices for all your parking lot entertainment needs!  Portable solar panels can be used to charge batteries that power your music or TV entertainment.  Additional portable, panel-compatible batteries can power your cooler or even your blender!  Let your imagination soar for your next tailgating adventure knowing you can have all the conveniences of home using your favorite appliances powered by just the sun!


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