The Sonic Tooth Brush- Is It Worth the Money- A Review

If you’ve been considering an electric toothbrush, you’ve
probably looked at various brands for the Sonicare Elite
Toothbrush sometimes referred to as the Sonic Tooth Brush or
Sonic Care Tooth Brush. Yet, แทงบอลโลก the price can be a turnoff.

As someone who has had a history of cavities, root canals
and periodontal disease, it has been very helpful in
controlling my dental problems. However if you have a good
family history of dental checkups it may not be a necessity.
I am relieved that my checkups are much shorter since using
the sonic tooth radiumshop brush and I find that the build up of plaque
is less. It will not replace flossing and I have found
using the original dental tape by Glide helpful as it is
thicker than some of the thinner floss on the market now.

The Sonicare Elite is a new kid on the block and it isn’t
always easy to know the difference between the various
models such as the 7300. 7500 and 7800 toothbrushes. The
7800 allows you to change the pre-programmed 2 minute
brushing time to 2 1/2 minutes which may be useful for some.
It also comes with a wall mount kit. In addition there is a
dual speed control . The 7500 doesn’t have the timer change
option and the 7300 does not have the above features but is
a fine toothbrush. better-sleep

Because I travel frequently I am pleased that the battery
lasts longer than original model because I don’t like to
travel with a charger. I find it will last around two weeks.
I also like that there is a slimmer head and that the
angled brush enables me to get comfortably to the back
teeth. Most people omegavp neglect the molar areas but this is
where many have problems with pockets due to inadequate
cleaning techniques. It is also important to replace the
head every six months and I find that after six months the
cleanings are not as good if you do not.

My only criticism is that if you don’t unscrew and clean out
the brush of the sonic tooth brush it will get dirty on the
inside. In terms of bacteria I think that is important to do
and it does not seem as watertight as it could be. However,
this inconvenience far outweights the benefits as I’ve
always dreaded my dental cleanings and if I can prevent
future root canals or cavities it is a great financial


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