8 Mistakes to Avoid ASAP – Become a Smashing Online Success, Don’t Get Ripped Off

The Siren grew louder and louder until it sounded like it was right on top of me. Staring ahead blankly I was mesmerized by the roaring flames shooting the night air! The apartment complex was engulfed in flames! I was sitting on in the night wrapped up in my old comforter, the only thing besides my purse I grabbed when I heard the alarm. I was grateful for the companionship of Max; he was a great German Shepherd. Three months later I was overwhelmed by a pile of bills. I had insurance, but they were taking forever to process my claim! I HAD TO HAVE some help; this is when I looked into making money online, I was at the end of my rope! As I began researching, I made a list of things not to do to help me, this always helps me think clearer. techpiled

1. Don’t Believe Everything You Read
There are some pretty outrageous claims out there, so be careful, take what you hear with grain of salt.

2. Don’t Get Ripped Off
Look for opportunities to make money for you; don’t pay a lot to get involved making money for someone else. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make money online. If they are asking me for money, i.e. more than what I would spend on a How-To-Guide then I look into something else.

3. Don’t complicate it
I’ve found simplicity is the best method especially when you are not familiar with a product.

4. Don’t go in unprepared
Stick to those who have a working plan, work with someone who has made the thing you are considering work before.

5. Don’t Jump In without Advice.
Talk to someone you trust, and who would support you. Two heads are better than one. Make a decision based on more than one opinion. realisticmag

6. Don’t Assume, You can do more with an open mind.
o TECH SKILLS: You really don’t need a lot of Tech Skills, if you have them then excellent, if not look for programs which will teach you, there are some great ones out there.
o HARD, it doesn’t have to be hard, you can really work through some great programs by staying with the Keep it simple motto. However, it’s not necessarily easy either, but it is workable when you have a great; PLAN this is Key! It’s essential that in whatever you are considering you make sure that there is a workable plan, one which you can stick to.

7. Don’t jump into different things; this is a recipe for disaster.
Choose one you can follow and stick to.

8. Don’t Listen to Nay Sayers
Last But Certainly not least, actually this is so you will remember it. For your own sanity stay around positive people especially when you are considering something new. Working online is not for everyone, talk to someone who will support you, this is crucial. If you are seeking options which do not tie you down to a job then you are much more entrepreneurial than the average person, don’t let them keep you down. urbanclutch
The most Phenomenal Program I found is:

o Benefits:
o No Cost,
o No Tech Skills needed

SEE HOW THIS WORKS, it is a way to make money by writing on an article on a familiar topic, say a book for me I love cooking, using my background and love of cooking I found books which I believed to be great assets to for various forms of cooking review these and write articles encouraging people to buy the books, I did not need to house the book, or pay for anything the merchant houses the product, customer buys it you get a BIG FAT PAY CHECK. thekayelist

The reviews resulted in sales for me. I worked through a company called Click bank and signed up for free at this site and they gave me a hyperlink which I used in conjunction with my articles. You’ll love this part… The details for setting this up were all spelled out for me in a step by step plan. I worked each day on a that particular assignment and by the end of the four day cycle I could see the results, and I knew I was getting somewhere when I began getting checks!


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