The Respect For Life – Wear an AIDS Red Ribbon

Many of us go through life with blinders on and need an awakening, for many that comes in the form of a serious illness or disease. One disease that has touched many, AIDS. The sad thing about this disease, many people still to this day don’t understand enough about it and automatically begin to pass judgment against the person that has it.

To be honest, people need to stop and think before they act. Each one of us needs to stop, take a look at ourselves in the mirror, think about how people around us would treat us if they knew we had something wrong with us. How would they treat us? Would they act differently? We need to step out of our shoes and into someone the life of someone else. Maybe even of that of a person that does have a disease. mykindredlife

The AIDS red ribbon, stands for many things and not just the disease itself. In this writer’s opinion the number one thing that the ribbon stands for is Respect. Respect for the many people that are helping to find ways to find a cure, the respect for those that are battling with the disease night and day, fighting for their life. Respect for the lives that have been lost and respect for the people and the lives that are still with us today.

Next the AIDS red ribbon stands for remembering. Remembering those that lost the fight with this disease. To show them respect and how much we care about them. There are some ribbons being worn that have the names of those that have lost their lives to the disease. To think of the thousands of not just adults but children that have lost the fight.

Finally the respect for life. Everyone, has the right to be alive, everyone has the right to be treated with the respect they deserve. As my grandfather once said; “Treat others as how you wish to be treated.” He was right, it does work. If you are kind and respectful to those around you, they will do so in return. It is a win/win situation for all.

The AIDS red ribbon should be worn with pride. Show pride in the human race, show that you understand the illness and that you want to help by showing your pride and respect for everyone around you and especially for those that battle this disease daily. Those being the researchers, the doctors, the nurses and everyone that is ill. diagnozujmy

World AIDS day is around the corner, December 1, 2008, please mark your calendar. All over the internet, you can find different organizations selling red ribbon pins, pick the one you choose, when it arrives, where your AIDS red ribbon with pride for World AIDS day.

Another idea for this special day, get a long red ribbon and wrap the tree in your yard to show the world that you care and respect the life of the many that deal with this disease daily. Show the world that you understand and care.


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