Top 5 Gaming Mice Below $40

If you tried looking for a gaming mouse you might’ve noticed that a lot of them tend to be quite expensive. They have things like weight kits, extensive customizability, newsev 8200 DPI and about 20 buttons. But for people who aren’t interesting in these features, those who just want a gaming mouse that works, they’re obviously not willing to invest $100+ on such gaming mice. Thankfully, there are a lot of more affordable mice available, and they don’t even lose that many features. So here follows my top 5 best gaming mice below $40.

#5: CM Storm Xornet – price: $26

The Xornet is a rather small mouse designed for the claw grip. It uses an optical sensor that can go from 500, 1000, to a maximum of 2000 DPI. The button amount totals in 5, dpimouse two of them being on the side. There are also two dedicated DPI buttons below the scroll wheel. Both sides have rubber grips which make the mouse easier to hold. It does lack an on-board memory, if you wish to have one then go for the Storm Spawn which also has 4000 DPI and goes for $36.

#4 ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button – price: $30

The ROCCAT Lua is like a default mouse with gaming-grade engineering. It has a pleasing V-shape and it’s ambidextrous as well. Its optical sensor can go from anything in between 200 to 2000 DPI in seven step increments. Just like with the Xornet it comes with rubber side grips and one dedicated DPI button. The mouse is also build to last with its Omron switches and excellent scroll wheel that locks into place well after every increment. ozlaptopreviews

#3 Perixx MX-2000B – price: $32

The MX-2000B offers a lot of features associated with higher price points. These features include a whopping eleven buttons, all of which are programmable, a laser sensor that can handle up to 5000DPI and weight tuning cartridges. Furthermore it comes with 5 user profiles that allow you to save your settings on the mouse itself. Its right-handed design is very comfortable with textured side grips and a cradle on the left side where you can easily rest your thumb.

#2 Razer Abyssus – price: $32

Its motto is “back to basics”, and that’s exactly what it does. The Razer Abyssus utilizes a 3.5G infrared sensor with DPI that can be toggled between 450, 1800 and 3500. The mouse is very lightweight and well designed, it fits well into your hand regardless of what style or hand you use. The DPI and polling rate can effortlessly be changed on the bottom of the mouse itself without any need for software. Last but not least the mouse is very durable with a great scrolling wheel and Omron switches. nachrichtenmorgen

#1 Anker laser gaming mouse – price: $40

The Anker offers without a doubt the most features for its price. The laser sensor can go up to 8000 DPI in 200 step increments and offers four profiles. There are 9 buttons that can be reprogrammed in the software. Speaking of the software, you can switch between 2 on-board profiles, customize the light in 16 million colors and it comes with a full macro editor. As an extra bonus it also comes with an eight piece weight kit. If you’re willing to spend $40, you should definitely go for the Anker.


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