Natural Healing For Animals is Highly Rewarding For All Concerned

Natural healing for animals is on the increase. And so it should be. Animals love natural healing. You don’t have to hide the medicine. You don’t have to find obscure ways to catch and force treatment. THEY seek you. bterapiaberles

Consider the images of a horse throwing his head in the air, trying to avoid oral treatment, a dog being muzzled to be vaccinated or a cat being held down by two people while a vet forces treatment. coloradowebimpressions

Now consider the images of a horse dozing while receiving Bowen therapy, a dog racing inside from playing outside on hearing his homeopathic medicine taken from the cupboard, or a cat calmly opening her mouth to receive a dose of homeopathic medicine, after being asked if this was appropriate. uniquenewsonline

That’s the different reactions between veterinary treatment and natural healing for animals. manguerose

Which do you think the animals prefer?

One of the best natural healing modalities for animals, is homeopathy. When I first started treating animals with homeopathy, I didn’t realise that they know more than I do. That they know if it’s the right medicine or not. That they know the right frequency of dosage. repcohome

Animals have taught me a lot. Most animals are open and ready and willing to help me help them. For example, after hearing the story of the animal and their condition, I offer the stoppered bottle of my choice to them. As long as there are no other distractions, an animal will indicate to me, through body language, if that was a good choice. optimalremodel

A quick lick or rub indicates a yes. Turning away indicates no, go back to the drawing board. 7mgg

Dogs, such as retrievers, labradors or any happy dog, are wonderful to work with as they are so clear in their body language. Horses too can be helpful, unless they are extremely unhappy. Cats tend to be the hardest to understand because their body signs are so subtle. aslremodeling

Natural healing for animals is highly rewarding for the practitioner, the animal and the animal’s person.

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