Big Data and Market Research

In market research, data is collected, studied and interpreted by data specialists. As time progresses, the data gathered only increases. According to some studies, techsifts data doubles every one or so years. As technology seeps into being an inevitable part of our lives, researchers have developed text analytics. It is a tech designed to search for answers to very specific queries in multiple databases all over the net. Naturally, as information only continues to increase in amount, a bigger, better and more reliable tool is needed to handle trillions of gigabytes of data. This new technology is BIG DATA. Techjunkien

Big data has tools which allow the data agent to search for answers to queries in a collection of databases that are enormous in figures,


and are too complex to analyse using conventional ways. This new tech can mine through trillions of gigabytes of information and search for invaluable answers. It can analyse data written in different programming languages, from different sites, or formats.

Questions that big data answers are for how many percent something is, how many, and how much; maybe even how often. It goes deeper as to finding the answers to the WHYs, WHENs, and WHOs of market researchers. It picks up the sentiments of the customers presented in all forms – social networks, keywords entered in search engines, applications used or not and many more – all across the web, regardless if it was from a personal computer or a smartphone, it can sift through it all, thus allowing sentiment analysis to be completed.

No wonder big data is booming. It makes unstructured data much easier to go over to extract useful information. Many companies need this. It prepares them for the future and because of this new tool, many opportunities have blossomed.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Big data companies will need people with the know-how in mathematics, data sciences and programming to maintain and manage this mammoth tech and make sure it keeps up to its task.

NEW TRENDS. These new trends are opportunities that are found just by the analysis of the patterns found through big data. This means many entrepreneurs will be able to find which business to venture into.

TAKES SECURITY TO THE NEXT STEP. This refers to identity theft or other fraudulent activities that big data can help recognize. In a larger picture, it can help the government realize how effective their security system is.


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