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Hair loss in women is not a new phenomenon, but it has nevertheless remained under the radar for quite some time. Fortunately, frontiernews new discoveries are constantly being made and there are many archives of hair loss news especially targeted towards women who want to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in causes and treatment.

A recent study suggests that female hair loss may be caused by vitamin D deficiency. On the frontier of hair loss news, localletter this piece of information comes with a ray of hope for those affected by all types of alopecia. Without sufficient exposure to sunlight, a woman’s Vitamin D levels are sure to be low and this can trigger serious loss of hair. It is suggested to receive 2,000 units of Vitamin D every day and, if there is no possibility of sun exposure, there are multiple brands of vitamins that can help supplement this vital nutrient.

The latest in hair loss news also suggests that proteins play an important part in preventing loss of hair. The body works like a well-oiled machine and when there is not enough protein – which is what hair strands are made of – it will take that away from a woman’s locks and put it into the rest of the body where it is needed. Protein can come from meat, newspoke fish, beans, nuts or supplements.

Stress is also reportedly one of the most common advocates of alopecia. Whether it is emotional or physical, stress takes a toll on the whole body and the effects of it can take up to three months to show in actual strand loss. If the stress is eliminated, topicals the hair can go back to its normal cycle. If it’s not, losing hair can become a chronic condition until the source of stress is removed. In severe cases where emotional or physical balance cannot be regained, it is suggested to see a doctor.

The American College of Toxicology speaks out in hair loss news to say that SLS, a major ingredient in many shampoos, tbadaily can be very dangerous for a person’s health and may be responsible for hair loss. Also, too many hair products can also cause loss of hair due to the mass of chemicals that cannot be processed quickly enough by the liver and are therefore contained in the body.

Much of the current hair loss news centers on raising awareness of the issue. It is now confirmed that about 1 in 3 menopausal women experience loss of hair due to androgenetic alopecia (a type of hair loss caused by genetic and hormonal factors). kulfiy This statistic came as a big shock to those who believed the problem was rare and as a relief to sufferers who previously felt alone.

Emu oil has also been prevalent in hair loss news as an alternative to medications such as Rogaine and hair transplant surgery. This tissue nutrient, according to research, has been able to bring out up to 80% of hair follicles into a progressing growth stage. pressmagazines Most advocates of this solution suggest massaging Emu oil into the scalp about three times daily and keeping it on for twenty minutes at a time. An advantage to this possible solution is that the oil is natural and is a risk-free alternative to many modern medicines.

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