Girls Prefer Guys With Manners

Guys. Do you know what kind of person your date hopes you are? She hopes you are a gentleman. She wants you to open doors for her, pull her chair out at restaurants (some of them can be heavy) and even – put the toilet seat down.

When you are the type of guy who remembers to do the above, you are someone with manners. Guys with lovely manners can be hard to find. And a lot of the reasons for that are not your fault. Remember the first wave of the women’s rights movement? No one disputes the advances it gave women, huisentuinpassie such as equal status in most once-male-dominated professions, like law and medicine. But the other side of that movement was that some women mistook liberation to mean that they should get in a guy’s face and assert their power by saying how they could open their own door, or drive their own car, tossncook or dig their own ditch. It’s easy to see why you might be tentative about performing some of these rituals.

Another reason you might feel confused about what it means to be a gentleman is that you don’t want to look like a wimp. If a guy defers to a woman’s comfort and she looks down on you as though you are spineless, cleanupguys she is a silly confused person. People showing each other kindnesses will never be wimpy.

Here are some suggestions that show you are a nice guy to be around: sales daihatsu medan


Manners means you have your house in order. If you invite someone over to your house, ALWAYS pick up your underwear and put it away where it won’t be seen. Don’t throw things in the spare room either. She may make a wrong turn on the way back from the bathroom and run smack into those personal items only your best friend would understand.

*Medications and more

Don’t leave your personal medications in your bathroom where your date can see them. Birth control pills (from a former girlfriend?) anti-anxiety meds, Ex-lax, Viagra, and more, can reveal things about you that are better left unsaid if you don’t know someone well. Further, zmiiv it’s not a good idea to “hide” things in the shower. Sometimes, people sneak a peak behind the shower curtain. (They’re just trying to figure you out.)


Besides putting the potty seat down, make your bed, pick up your belongings, and make your home look like a tidy person lives there. Even if a tidy person doesn’t live there…it’s a good idea to start with a good impression.

Car readiness

Keep your car clean if yours resembles an ashtray or a trash can. If you’re going on a date, hoodpay it’s time for a garbage pick up.

*Clean hands

Make sure your nails are clean. Girls notice hands. You may love working on cars, but no one wants to hold hands with grime-fringed nails.


Oh boy. Watch out for that kitty litter box. I’ve known more than one person who walked into a house and wanted to walk right back out because the cat’s box was barking.

Worse, is having a dog that bites. Some dogs may be little but they can still be scary. Some owners may think they’re just being cute but when they bite, some people just want to call pest control.

*Love letters

If you are dating someone new and you have left your house for an hour to go get groceries, NEVER leave old love letters lying around that were meant only for your eyes. Someone who is interested in you may lose their romantic feelings rapidly if a letter is lying open on the coffee table that starts out with,

“My Darling Lover Boy,

Remember the night we…”

You get the idea.

Manners go a long way when you are dating. A girl likes a guy of confidence who asks her where she’d like to go for dinner, but who also has a few suggestions. She likes a man to ask which movie she’d like to see and hopes you’ll suggest a play or concert sometime. She appreciates your taste in clothes, usdailyglobe your cleanliness, and your attentiveness when she is with you. Most of all, she hopes you’re one of those guys who is also a gentleman.


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