Santa Fe – Ranked in Forbes Magazine’s Best Small Places

The fact that Forbes magazine has ranked Santa Fe in amongst the top ten of “The Best Small Places For Businesses And Careers” in America, forbes says much more about Santa Fe than you may at first realize.

Many other factors were keyed into the formula before this top-ten list was published. For instance, housing afford ability was included. There’s no point in starting a business in a place where you cannot afford to buy your home!

Another statistic that was taken into account was how many individuals have already chosen to migrate into Santa Fe. This indicates that a large number of people who have done their own research came up with Santa Fe as a viable market in which to do business. dani-info

This year, Forbes magazine decided to expand their agenda in their exploration of places best for businesses and some of the social factors were also counted in.

One of these, surprisingly perhaps, was the local crime rate. Another was education and yet another was the availability and caliber of the labor pool.

Expected indicators such as job growth and income growth were naturally included and Santa Fe popped up in the top ten! meilleurscasino

Santa Fe combines the most up to date technology in the city with the medieval style adobe buildings that represent its architectural essence. This produces such diversities as tip top golf courses and an exotic centuries-old Spanish town square.

The Pueblo and Spanish influences bring an ambiance to ‘The City Different’ that is unique to Santa Fe. It feels like no other city in the USA – in fact, it is easy to think you are visiting a foreign country when you are in Santa Fe.

This year and next year, the city of Santa Fe is celebrating its 400th anniversary. Not only has Santa Fe been founded for 400 years, it still has the buildings standing there to prove it!

If you are contemplating a move to Santa Fe, whether for retirement, relocation or to start a new business venture, now is a great time. If you are not into skiing the 67 groomed trails in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or bird watching at the National Wildlife Reserve – no problem. March is a great month to visit Santa Fe and ingest some culture at the same time.

The diversity of the culture in Santa Fe is reflected in its public performances. In the month of March you can enjoy listening to Bach’s cantatas, watching Peruvian dancers,  listening to the violin of Irish fiddle champion Eileen Ivers, viewing the 1930s and 1940s New Mexican artists’ work, or listening to the award winning Appalachian folk of Doc Watson.

Choices are too varied to be able to mention them all, but they include jazz, video technology and electronic imaging exhibitions and several shows of artist paintings, quilts, work by native artists and jewelry making. All this in just one month – that is big entertainment for one small place.


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