Top 7 Glass Window Cleaning Hacks

A clean home speaks a lot about its owner. Cleaning home regularly doesn’t mean that you’re a neat freak. Cleaning furniture, Cleaning Hacks carpets, shelves, windows, kitchens etc. can restore the beauty of your house interiors.

Here are top tips and hacks that will help you get your glass window surfaces sparkling clean.


  • Choose A Cloudy Day To Wash Your Windows


A bright & hot sunny day is not ideal for window cleaning because the heat from the sun can prematurely dry the panes, making streaks and leaving residue behind. You can easily get a brilliant streak-free shine, if you choose a cloudy day to wash your windows.


  • Use An Old T-Shirt For Cleaning


Get an old worn t-shirt and wash windows with it. This should be done because on an old t-shirt you won’t find any lint residue and it works as an excellent absorbent.


  • Always Use A Squeegee


This one simple tool can deliver some of the most amazing results on your glass window. You’ll surely have many streaks, if you re-wipe the glass again, gamingzsite but with the help of a squeegee you can easily polish each part of your window. If the windows are located quite high in your home, then a long handled squeegee can come handy.


  • Always Clean In Top To Bottom Direction


Make sure that the cleaning is done from top to bottom, if you really want your glass window to be streak free. Start from the top and work your way down while ensuring that no drips occur on the glass surfaces that are already cleaned.


  • Use Cotton Swabs To Clean Corners


In the corners of your glass windows, residue seems to build-up no matter how hard you try. Unless you use the right tool, it can prove to be quite difficult to remove residue from the corners. To clean those hard to reach areas of the windows, you can use cotton swabs, which work effectively to extract the residue.


  • Avoid Cleaning Woodwork On Windows


Damage can be caused to the framed wood areas of windows by many cleaning solutions commonly used in our houses. Make sure that drips don’t fall on the wood as it can damage such surfaces. This can be done by avoiding too much spraying of the solution at once. Spray in small sections on the window and work from the top to bottom.


  • Use Newspapers, But Carefully


Some people quite often use newspapers to polish their window’s glass surfaces. It works effectively, freelancernk but you need to be extra careful while using newspapers for cleaning glass window as it sometimes leaves print and residue on the surfaces. Still it’s worth giving a try.


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